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One of the most fun loving and friendly city to party at in Ireland would have to be Cork, as a matter of fact, it is the ideal city for your hen party. It is a city which is smaller than Dublin making it a beautiful, quaint yet ultimate destination for your hen party particularly at Adventure Park.

This is perfect location for those who love the great outdoors as well as adventure activities. From paintball. laser clay shooting, laser tag, gladiator jousting, karting, archery, human bubble football, sumo suit wrestling and more. For an adventurous hen party, there is no location in which you can enjoy as many activities at one place.

Here is a brief description of some of the fun activities you will be able to enjoy when you host your hen party at Adventure Park:

Gladiator Jousting

In ancient Rome, men and women fighting to their death while jousting was considered an afternoon of fun and entertainment. Adventure Park has taking this concept and conceptualized it in a modern way making it a fun, friendly yet exciting activity in which you can ehen-parties-irelandnjoy yourself without risking your life. Opponents stand on perches facing each other, and are provided with their own pupil stick. The point of the game is to be the first to knock your opponent off their lofty “podium” and onto the crash mat which of course is inflatable.

Human Bubble Football

Adventure Park has taken an all time, internationally favorite sport and added a twist to it. Players are placed in huge inflatable zorb balls which will completely protect them from injury which the twist and bump around while playing this classic sport. This activity makes for a good time and a lot of laughs during your hen party.

Laser Tag

Laser tag is presented at Adventure Park with a Call of Duty combat game style which takes place in the paintball arena. Similar to paintball, minus the paint; laser tag is all about capturing the opposing team’s flag while keeping your team’s flag, which is at your base camp safe. It is fun, safe and exciting to play.

Sumo Suit Wrestling

The ancient sport of Sumo Wrestling was meant to test the strength and individuals would have on combat. It was traditionally important to be heavy, the heavier you were, the higher the chances of successfully pushing your opponent out of the ring it is said that the the heaviest Sumo wrestler weighed an impressive two hundred and sixty seven kilos. At Adventure Park however all you need to do to show off your strength in the ring is get into one of their enormous sumo suits and let the fun begin.

These are just a few of the many adventurous activities which you will be able to enjoy if you host your hen party at Adventure Park. It is all about knowing what you and the girls are looking to enjoy and planning accordingly. The great thing about Adventure Park is that all the activities are right there, there is no need to travel to various locations to have a varied and fun hens party because, Adventure Park has it all.

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